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“Wow - where to start with working with Studio Birthplace! It was an absolute dream!
Studio Birthplace's distinction lies not only in their exceptional work but also in their inherent humanity. Throughout our collaboration on the film TotalPollution, they not only responded adeptly to external shifts but also showcased a deep-seated commitment to making a positive impact. Their team's collaborative ethos and genuine warmth transformed what could have been a complex endeavour into an immensely enjoyable and fulfilling experience and I am extremely grateful for that.
Their creative finesse and remarkable adaptability were standout qualities that left a lasting impression and together our achievements surpassed expectations. Their impact extended well beyond the project, leaving an indelible mark both professionally and personally. Collaborating with such outstanding individuals reaffirmed the belief in the collective power of endeavours and the joy of partnering with genuinely great people. Thanks team!”
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Russell Harvey
Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator
“It has been fantastic working with Studio Birthplace on our Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel campaign and the second iteration of the campaign, which will be launching in late 2024. Sil and Jorik create visually impactful content that leaves the consumer thinking about the message long after it leaves the screen. We look forward to working with them again in the future.”
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Catherine Veltman
Global Marketing Manager
“Working with Studio Birthplace was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. They are an incredibly talented and dedicated team, combining their passion for filmmaking with their skills in visual effects to create content that inspires action. They were the perfect production partner for WaterBear, embodying the values of impact storytelling that are at the heart of their creative process. Collaborating on the short film Broken Wings, they exceeded my expectations - it's rare to see a creative vision come to life so fully at the rough cut stage. Most importantly, they are a great group of people to work with, driven by a genuine passion for saving the only planet we have.
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Rickey Welch
Director of Production / Executive Producer
"When Studio Birthplace and Rutger Hauer decided to support our work at Sea Shepherd with their beautiful film Requiem 2019, we were thrilled. The film is a powerful artistic approach to marine conservation that touched many. Using a multi-faceted approach in their work, Studio Birthplace is able to bridge the gap between the mind and the heart, making any message resonate deeply. This unique ability to connect with viewers is crucial in instilling a sense of responsibility and engaging them to take action for our planet."
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Geert Vons
Chief Creative Officer
Sea Sheperd Global
Working with Sil and Jorik at Studio Birthplace has been the most positive and eye-opening visual experience that I’ve ever been a part of. Their passion for ambitious storytelling shines through their work. The concepts they’ve created to sit alongside my music are selfless artistic expressions of environmental and humanitarian causes that, in my opinion, have resulted in some of the most unique and thought-provoking music videos I’ve ever seen
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Ali Lacey
Novo Amor

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