Ecological & Humanitarian Storytelling

We are a creative studio and film production company

focusing on topics for a sustainable future for our planet,



Studio Birthplace is a collective of creative minds specializing in bringing urgent and important messages to any audience in unique, never-seen-before ways. Whether we are highlighting climate change through full scale film production, campaigning against illegal waste exports using striking CG animation or are raising money to plant trees through an innovative mobile game - our team handles the creative and execution from start to finish.

We invite artists, inspirational brands, non-profits and other visionaries to reach out.

Together we will tell the pressing stories of our time and work towards a sustainable future for this planet we call home, our Birthplace.

'At Studio Birthplace we believe that 

change starts with awareness.'

We work with companies and organizations who fight everyday for a better world:


A unique depiction of what would happen if the plastic waste the UK exports each day was instead dumped on Downing Street and Boris Johnson. Wasteminster is Greenpeace's 2021 campaign film against UK's illegal waste exports.

Share with us what's on your mind, 

we look forward to collaborate with you.