Our mission

We craft stories to awaken hearts
and ignite change towards
a just, healthy world.

WHat we believe

In the face of climate meltdown, massive inequity and a sixth mass extinction, we are committed to disrupt the way environmental and social stories are told.

To break down the old ways of thinking with fearless creativity and endless curiosity, we shift the narrative towards a healthy future - because we believe in the power of storytelling to inspire change.


We Drive Change
Inspired By Earth

Our studio was born from the mindset that an original and powerful concept stands above anything else.

We specialize in writing concepts that convey critical messaging in a never-seen-before way, delivering awe and information simultaneously. Whatever it takes, rest assured that we will push the creative as far as possible.

Through years of telling stories about our changing world, we have garnered a deep understanding and expertise around strategic storytelling on often sensitive and pressing topics.

Our in-house team of writers, strategist and marketeers, can take your idea from concept all the way to a fully fleshed out campaign that will reach an audience as wide as possible.

We handle anything from live-action to complex 3d animation and everything in between. Operating in challenging environments and producing in extreme locations and conditions is what we thrive on. Whether it’s filming in an active sulfur mine, shooting in vast jungles or in a pool of fake oil, we love it all.

Trained for over a decade on Hollywoods biggest blockbusters, we bring a wealth of visual effects experience when required, providing an unparalleled bang for your buck.



Our work has picked up a Cannes Lion, multiple British Arrows, Vimeo’s Best of the Month and a win at the prestigious Camerimage Film Festival.

The Team

Our Collective

When Sil teamed up with renowned actor Rutger Hauer to make a film against whaling, he realized how powerful film and storytelling can be in advocating for those who cannot speak for themselves; animals, ecosystems, and the underprivileged. With a deep sense of responsibility for our planet’s wellbeing, Sil gave up his career as a commercial director in Hollywood, to dedicate himself exclusively to telling stories that matter.

Sil van der Woerd

Co-Founder & Creative Director

After working in Hollywood for over a decade on the biggest blockbusters in the world, Jorik realized he had to switch direction: it's time to stand up for our planet, nature and those without a voice. He left Hollywood behind, moved to Southeast Asia and started telling stories of our planet under threat. He is driven to create a new kind of entertainment, a kind that not only educates but drives change for a better world.

Jorik Dozy

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Alea believes in the power of people and creative connections. She is often found excitedly discussing possible projects and curiously listening to people’s stories. She is a producer who is constantly inspired by others.

Alea Rahim

Executive Producer

Sean thrives on the adrenaline rush of saying "yes" to produce the craziest ideas and immersing himself in the ride that follows. Sean is forever in awe of the talent surrounding him and the potential impact that their meaningful work holds in shaping a planet-conscious society. As a firm believer in the power of stories, Sean finds joy in this world where imagination knows no bounds and is used to drive positive change.

Sean Lin

Co-Founder & Producer

As an individual blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) with an overactive imagination, Marsya has a huge love for all forms of creative storytelling. She is particularly invested in how it can be mobilized to foster empathy and community that can grow into collective action.

Marsya M. Johari

Social Media Manager & Assistant Producer

Theresa is driven by her belief in creating a positive impact through collective efforts. Whether she's conducting online research or engaging in hands-on fieldwork. She thrives on creating deeper connections with people she encounters, valuing the importance of meaningful relationships in both her personal and professional life.

Theresa Cellona

Researcher & Assistant Producer

Liv Merry

Manager Strategic Partnerships

Dianne Hummal

Global Expansion Director

Kay Vasey

Head of Philanthropy

Pierce Higgins

Digital Marketing Strategist

Tim Smit

Director & VFX Supervisor

Joya Berrow


Stephane Ridard


Sara Kong


Nicholas Chin


Lennert Hillege


Zoe Perriam

Finance Manager

Bayu Topan

Line Producer

Ernest Zacharevic

Multidisciplinary Artist

Joe Wills

Sound Designer/Composer

Keidrych Wasley


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