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With every project we ask ourselves,
is this improving our world?

Whenever we can, we act.
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Planet Positive

We believe in cleaning up after ourselves, over-compensating for any emissions and finding innovative ways to create greener productions.


kg of CO2 emissions compensated

77.740 Kg CO2 - total emissions

38,870 Kg CO2 - additional 50% compensated

From car rides, flights, down to the servers rendering our VFX shots, we track all our carbon emissions. We compensate an additional 50% of our total CO2 impact to help push things in the right direction.

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trees planted with Eden Project

We support the tireless efforts of Eden Projects who work with local communities to restore forests on a massive scale, creating jobs in the process, protecting ecosystems and helping to mitigate climate change.

We support their efforts in Madagascar which has seen large scale mangrove loss. Mangroves are a vital ecosystem for local communities as well as protection against climate change.

Visit Studio Birthplace’s Tree Nation forest

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hectares of ecosystem restored

Through our tree planting efforts we want to make sure we don’t ‘plant trees’. Instead, we want to plant forests. It is critical to work with local knowledge to plant the right species, creating a proper ecosystem and making sure that the trees you plant actually survive the many challenges they face.

That is why we support Eden Projects

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We have to rewild the world, that much is obvious. But first, we must rewild the imagination. We must learn how to dream again, to a dream of a just, healthy future.

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