Wasteminster one of nine winners Creative Review Annual 2022

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May 3, 2022
Wasteminster one of nine winners Creative Review Annual 2022

"When it comes to its humanitarian projects, Studio Birthplace employs different strategies on how best to get the message out, but in this case, a humorous touch proved most effective."

The Creative Review Annual celebrates the very best and most exceptional in creative thinking and we are delighted the innovative work from our incredible directors Sil and Jorik, aka Studio Birthplace, has struck such a chord with the industry and beyond and made an actual difference to the UK Plastic Waste issue.

To see 'Wasteminster' celebrated among some of the finest creative work from the worlds of design, advertising, digital, craft, music and creative effectiveness produced in the past year is such an honour. Special shout out to Park Village and Method & Madness.

An excerpt from Creative Review's write-up:

Greenpeace has called for a complete ban on ex-porting plastic waste from the UK, as well as legally binding targets to halve single-use plastics, both by 2025.

To help bolster the pressure, the organisation wanted a film that would draw attention to the sheer volume of plastic waste shipped out from the UK, which stands in stark contrast to political statements about the country being a "global leader in tackling plastic pollution". Who better to deliver the bad news than the person who made that grand declaration in the first place: the prime minister himself?

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Watch "Wasteminster" here.