Wasteminster on It's Nice That

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May 19, 2021
Wasteminster on It's Nice That

"Studio Birthplace takes us through the mammoth process of modelling a CG replica of Britain’s political epicentre, and 1.8 million kilograms of trash, for the satirical yet alarming Wasteminster campaign."

We're delighted to see that It's Nice That has featured Wasteminster on their website.

An excerpt from the article here:

An attention-grabbing new campaign from Greenpeace sees a dummy Boris Johnson behind his plinth outside 10 Downing Street making an impassioned speech to the press about the UK’s valiant efforts to curb plastic pollution.

Slowly, at first, then with exponentially increasing pace and volume, a cascade of plastic waste rains down on the prime minister, becoming a tidal wave that engulfs the street (while a comedically menacing Michael Gove watches from inside).

Fusing uncanny satire with alarming visuals, the campaign by Studio Birthplace has certainly got people’s attention. But just how was it made?.

Read the full article here.

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Watch "Wasteminster" here.