TotalPollution Is On Creative Review

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August 30, 2023
TotalPollution Is On Creative Review

After coming together to call out the government’s plastic waste record back in 2021, Greenpeace has enlisted Studio Birthplace for another takedown.

TotalPollution: A Dirty Game has been featured in Creative Review's 'Creative Inspiration' Article.

An excerpt from the article:

Studio Birthplace and the team at production company Park Village took a literal approach to representing the statistic in its new campaign for Greenpeace.

Narrated by comedian Seán Burke in the style of rugby commentary, TotalPollution: A Dirty Game shows the stadium filled with eerie, unmoving figures – similar to those in the studio’s Wasteminster campaign – who are wiped out by an oily downpour.

“By employing humour and satire, we aim to engage viewers in a way that captivates their attention while also encouraging them to reflect on the gravity of the issue,” explain Studio Birthplace creative directors Jorik Dozy and Sil van der Woerd.

“We used the camera and oil simulations in similar ways you would see in a Hollywood action scene to hook viewers and deliver an entertaining watch.”

The full article can be read here.

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Watch TotalPollution: A Dirty Game here.