TotalPollution Featured On The Drum Twice

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August 29, 2023
TotalPollution Featured On The Drum Twice

The Drum: Animated spot calls out fossil fuel sponsorship of major sporting events, which it says distracts fans from brands’ climate destruction.

TotalPollution: A Dirty Game has been featured in two of The Drum's Articles: "Stade de France flooded with oil in Greenpeace Rugby World Cup protest ad" and its follow-up: "Rugby World Cup threatens legal action over Greenpeace protest video".

An excerpt from the first article:

The global fossil fuel industry extracts enough oil every three hours and 37 minutes to fill a rugby stadium according to an animated video created by Greenpeace France.

The climate campaigning network has turned a lot of attention to the relationship between advertising and oil firms in recent years, including high-profile action at Cannes Lions in 2022.

It is now focussing on fossil fuel sponsorship of global events including sports tournaments, claiming it is a distraction tactic to mask the environmental impact of the industry.

Together with production company Studio Birthplace, represented by Park Village in the UK, Greenpeace France has created a video in advance of the Rugby World Cup 2023, which this year is sponsored by French fossil fuel giant TotalEnergies.

The full article can be read here.

A day later, The Drum releases "Rugby World Cup threatens legal action over Greenpeace protest video"

An excerpt from this article:

The climate campaigners’ video flooded the Stade de France with oil in protest of TotalEnergies’ sponsorship of the Rugby World Cup – now it’s facing backlash.

In a letter seen by The Drum, a representative from Rugby World Cup Limited (RWCL) contacted Greenpeace regarding the video ‘Total Pollution: A Dirty Game,’ which utilizes a number of RWCL’s registered trademarks, including the Rugby World Cup and Rugby World Cup France 2023 logos, as well as the trademarks and logos of its member unions and commercial partners of the tournament.

The full article can be read here.

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