Prestige: The duo behind (PLASTIK) on why they are spotlighting plastic pollution

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July 26, 2022
Prestige: The duo behind (PLASTIK) on why they are spotlighting plastic pollution

'Released on World Environment Day, the short film (PLASTIK) touched the hearts of many Malaysians while raising awareness on the plastic pollution crisis and effects of climate change.'

(PLASTIK)'s director Phillip Rom and producer Sean Lin talk to Prestige Malaysia about why they chose to spotlight plastic pollution.

A Q&A from the article: 

Why did you choose to shoot the film from the eyes of a 10-yr-old girl in particular?

Philip Rom: There’s just something about the innocence, perceptiveness and sensitivity that childrenpossess. It’s an ability I think we tend to lose as we become adults. We tend to become numb and oblivious. A child sees things as it is without the fluff.In the film, the world as seen through Aisya’s (main character) plastic telescope seemed like a fun child’s play initially but eventually turned into something serious. She understands the gravity of plastic pollution even from a young age.

Sean Lin: Children are the future, and this is the world that we adults will leave behind for them. She represents a generation where climate change is their biggest challenge. In the story, we see her journey from being indifferent like everybody else, to becoming aware and to driving change. This is also the journey that we hope audiences will experience too.

The full article can be read here.