New Release - MoneyTrees

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May 22, 2024
New Release - MoneyTrees

Out now - 'MoneyTrees' aims to pressure governments to regulate the finance industry.

Greenpeace's MoneyTrees exposes the absurd destruction of rainforests and other natural habitats driven by billions in investment from unregulated banks and corporations.

Each year, we witness the loss of more of our last remaining nature. Who’s to blame? Greedy corporations don’t value what we value. They are destroying nature’s treasures making the climate crisis and biodiversity collapse worse. Banks and finance Institutions provide billions so these businesses continue to operate without accountability. We need government action now.

The film is part of 'Defund Nature Destruction Now', a multi-year, international campaign for which we created many different assets including animated key visuals and a brand identity.

The campaign launched worldwide with the participation of many Greenpeace offices including Brazil, Indonesia, The Netherlands and many others. In tandem with the film and digital assets, real-life demonstrations and actions were organized to gain attention.

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Watch 'MoneyTrees' here.