EcoHustler Article On Humanity's Impact

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June 14, 2021
EcoHustler Article On Humanity's Impact

"The visual language of the film is a peaceful approach towards activism that is both educational and entertaining. By putting a picture to the numbers, the film brings to life the unimaginable that couldn't be seen otherwise."

Environmental eco magazine EcoHustler spotlights Humanity's Impact.

An excerpt from the article:

Both Wasteminster and Humanity's Impact were made in collaboration with CG partners Method & Madness. CG Executive Producer Wenhao Tan and CG Director Alex Scollay used a bespoke data visualisation technology to create realistic physics of falling plastic using ‘Tyflow’ software.

The team built a custom virtual reality camera rig which allowed an Oculus Rift VR headset to be mounted to a professional camera mount. This allowed the directors to physically hand-operate a "real" camera which added realism to the fully digital set.

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Learn more:

Watch "Humanity's Impact" here.