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A child looks through a telescope she made out of a plastic bottle and experiences glimpses of our plastic-polluted future.

(PLASTIK) is a short film made with MeshMinds in association with United Nations Environment Programme to raise awareness and catalyse action to end plastic pollution in South-East Asia.


Philip Rom


Sean Lin



Drowning in Plastic

Plastic waste is choking our seas and coasts, threatening ecosystems and livelihoods in South-East Asia.

Plastic pollutes our soil, our waterways, our ocean, and our food. It directly harms marine life, causes billions of dollars of damage to shipping, fishing and tourism, and threatens our health.

The most severe impacts of environmental degradation will be felt by young people, future generations, and disadvantaged groups. Preventing plastic pollution is a human rights issue.

“To survive and evolve, humankind has had to learn by imitating the actions of other humans. We learn by watching and then doing. Films have the power to effect social change by impactful and compelling storytelling. We hope that in producing a short film with a fully South-East Asian cast and crew we can deepen engagement and catalyse long-lasting behaviour change amongst the region’s youth audience to take individual and collective action to end plastic pollution."

 Kay Vasey, Founder of MeshMinds and Executive Producer


The film was shot in Sepang, Malaysia. The set provided meals without the use of single-use plastics and required the crew to use their own reusable water bottles, while opting for digital call-sheets and scripts. Carbon emissions from transportation during the shoot days are calculated and compensated 150% through tree planting.