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Jungle Heroes


Jungle Heroes ia an exciting, free-to-play mobile strategy & resource management game in which players restore ecosystems and bring back wildlife.

Meanwhile in real life, the mobile game donates part of its revenue to reforestation efforts.


Sil van der Woerd


Studio Birthplace


Little Chicken Game Company

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Make it as simple and fun as possible for players to learn about nature & wildlife. Contribute to real-world nature restoration projects by making micro payments in a fun, high quality game.

We can fix this together!


The first job in many games? Chop a tree to construct a building for humans. But today, shouldn’t we value trees and restore nature - instead of destroying it?

In Jungle Heroes, players plant trees and bring back wildlife. They grow fruits to create a sustainable economy. They open a vegan restaurant, transform an oil palm plantation into a rainforest, and a palm oil refinery into a wildlife rescue center. They kill wildfires, chase away poachers and illegal loggers, free caged animals, and help a native tribe reclaim their homes!

Who would have thought reforestation could be so much fun?

Real Trees Planted

How does it work?

Whenever you buy suns, coins or other items in the game with real money, this creates revenue. Jungle Heroes donates a portion of this revenue to certified organisations that restore ecosystems in the real world. Jungle Heroes aims to plant as many trees as possible. Jungle Heroes’ current tree planting efforts are focused in the regions of Indonesia and Madagascar.


Sil van der Woerd developed the game in the Netherlands together with a talented group of young artists and developers at Little Chicken Game Company. After Sil worked on the concept for about a year, production began in January 2020.

After a smooth two months into production, Covid-19 hit the Europe and the Netherlands. But fortunately, the team was well-oiled and the digital nature of the project allowed work to continue, albeit from home.