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Through film, murals and an activist art exhibition we hold Malaysia’s big polluters accountable for dangerous haze pollution.

Every year, toxic haze blankets Malaysia, caused by corporate giants financing the destruction of peatlands and forests in Indonesia for the production of palm oil. Together with Splash & Burn, we created a Greenpeace campaign to demand action.

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Sean Lin & Alea Rahim

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Abhilash Chandra


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Clean breathable air is a basic human right. Join us to demand government to hold the big polluters accountable and protect our basic right to clean, haze-free air.

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Haze Pollution

Air Pollution is a leading environmental health threat in Malaysia and many other parts in the world. An estimated 32,000 premature deaths per year could be avoided in Malaysia alone with clean air quality. During the last case of heavy haze in 2019, respiratory illnesses in Malaysia were found to be the 2nd leading cause of death (14.8%).

The burning of forests and peatlands cause thick toxic haze that travels to many surrounding countries. This hazardous haze has been a massive threat to the climate, public health, and biodiversity for decades.

The Campaign

The project included a multi-faceted campaign stretching across multiple months - starting with various street art interventions, a campaign film and ending with a large art exhibition in downtown Kuala Lumpur. A series of public murals was created to alert people about the imminent haze, featuring artworks from artists Fahmi Reza, Cloakwork, Pangrok Sulap, and Ernest Zacharevic.


This series of art interventions culminated into an activist art exhibition titled “Haze: Coming Soon”, from May 5th to 14th at REXKL, in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. Curated by artist Ernest Zacharevic, the exhibition featured a collection of immersive installations, short films and artworks by an exciting line-up of artists including Cloakwork, Pangrok Sulap, Wong Kai Yi, Fahmi Reza, Trina Teoh and Bibichun.

In 10 days, the exbhition brought together over 6000 visitors including policy makers, and gathered over 2000 signatures for Greenpeace's petition for a Transboundary Haze Pollution Act in Malaysia. These signatures will be sent to parliament to drum up our ministers political will for solution-oriented actions prior to the ASEAN transboundary haze meeting in Singapore next month.

Creative Activism

The exhibition included a panel discussion on the topic of haze pollution and creative activism. The panel was moderated by environmental activist Melissa Tan, and invited environmentalists and creatives to share their insights. An interpretive dance about the haze was performed by Asia Ballet Academy.