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Studio Drift



Drifters is about an entity in search of its origin and purpose.

Colossal floating blocks of concrete, as living monoliths, migrate through an untouched landscape, lost in space and time, contemplating humanity’s relationship with the natural world.

Drifters has screened in some of the most prestigious venues across the globe, from Times Square to The Shed and Amos Rex.


Sil van der Woerd


Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta


Keidrych Wasley

Times Square Takeover

Drifters has been screened in many unique locations with a highlight being the take over on New York City's Times Square.

As part of the Times Square Arts Project 'Midnight Moment', Drifters was exhibited on 80 screens from 11:57 pm to midnight throughout December 2021 at Times Square, New York, USA.

Drifters New York

This sequel to the original work portrays the colossal floating blocks of concrete in New York.

The Shed

The Shed is one of New York's most unique venues and brings together established and emerging artists in an unprecedented movable structure that adapts to support all kinds of inventive work under one roof. Both the Drifter exhibition as well as the film were hosted in the venue.

Human Systems

Drifters - a collaboration between Sil van der Woerd and Amsterdam based Studio Drift - is a companion work to the installation Drifter and displays how basic and rough human systems are, in contrast to the natural.

The work can be seen from the perspective of whether or not the individual can escape from the collective.