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Mini-Series - 2022
Change Drivers is a mini-series created for Discovery telling the story of five people working on the front lines of solving critical problems our world faces today. From plastic pollution to climate change, the series aims to tell the stories of those who are putting everything on the line to find solutions to some of our society's most dire problems.
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Episode 5

Directed by Jorik Dozy and Stephane Ridard

"I am a writer and I have always been drawn to large issues and big questions when writing poetry, fiction or nonfiction. But when writing On Time and Water I understand that the issue of climate change is larger than language or any previous experience, the scale is mythological. Many glaciers, once the symbol of eternity will be lost in the life of my own daughter. I was happy to have the chance to explore these glaciers with my daughter and discuss what the hope is for future generations. If we act now, we have all the tools and knowledge to avoid the most serious consequences. The whole working life of my daughter's generation is about this and I am hopeful that if we work together we can create the future we need."

Andri Magnason

Meet Andri Magnason, an Icelandic author. His mission is to spread awareness about the urgency of protecting glaciers and is inspired by his grandparents' testimony to acknowledge that we know what is happening and understand what needs to be done. His books and plays have been published and performed in more than 40 languages. Magnason works with many art forms and genres, sometimes surprising his audience as he switches from poetry to children's literature, and science fiction to nonfiction. His children's books, The Story of the Blue Planet and The Casket of Time, both winners of the Green Earth Book Award, have been used in hundreds of schools worldwide to teach environmental philosophy through play and storytelling.


Episode 4

Directed by Jorik Dozy

“Almost two decades ago, Nigeria still had most of its forests. But since then, we have lost over 90%. I am Rachel Ikemeh, I'm a conservationist In Nigeria. And I'm fighting for what we have left.

Rachel Ikemeh

Meet Rachel Ikemeh, one of the most prominent conservationists in Nigeria. She has actively been in conservation for the past 15 years and has won a Whitley award in 2020 for her work in in the extremely dangerous and challenging environment of the marshy forests of the Niger Delta in southern Nigeria.

Its highly restricted habitat is plagued by a multitude of threats - deforestation due to logging and expanding farms, illegal bushmeat trade, pollution from the oil industry, and armed resistance by militant groups.

Rachel’s persistence in working in one of the most insecure regions in the world, building strong community relations, establishing a community conservancy and saving a Critically Endangered primate under these conditions is highly commendable and deserves recognition.

Episode 3
Paul Hilton

Directed by Jorik Dozy

“I’ve spent 20 years documenting wildlife crime and the destruction of our planet.

And I have to ask myself, does every species have to be extinct before we wake up?”

Paul Hilton

Meet Paul Hilton, a prolific conservation photojournalist and wildlife crime consultant. Paul has spent the past twenty years traveling the globe documenting crimes against our planet, from the shark fin trade to illegal wildlife smuggling and the palm oil industry.

His mission: show the world what’s going with his powerful images from across the globe. He believes that people often don’t want to see images of animals suffering or nature being destroyed. But if we don’t see these pictures, how will we ever stop them from happening?

Paul has won the prestigious World Press Photo Award for his body of work on the Shark Fin Industry and was awarded Wildlife Photographer of the Year in 2012, 2014 and 2016.