Sapna's passing

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October 16, 2020
Sapna's passing

With a heavy heart, we bear the terrible news that on the 1st of October, at 6pm local time, Sapna passed away after her battle with leukemia.

We captured a small part of Sapna’s story in the short film The Journey of Hope, created for SYML’s song Flags in which we got to know Sapna and the many challenges she and her family faced day in and day out. One such challenge was to travel almost every week on an 8 hour overnight train in order to reach a hospital where her cancer treatment was affordable.

In the brief time we spent with Sapna we experienced a rich slice of her young life. No matter how sick she was, her strength was evermore visible as she fought through any obstacle in her path. We have never met a 10 year old as tough and brave as her.  

As Sapna leaves us, we have the responsibility to make sure she is not forgotten. Her story teaches us how truly unfair life can be, how fragile it really is and how we all have to fight to improve everyone's life on this earth we share.  

We can only hope that by sharing Sapna’s story her memory lives on and we can continue to be inspired by her beautiful and strong fighting spirit.  

Be grateful for what you have, help those in need and give what you can. We owe it to Sapna and so many others like her.