New Release - Change Drivers EP 5: Andri Magnason

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September 26, 2022
New Release - Change Drivers EP 5: Andri Magnason

Out now: Discovery's Change Drivers: Episode 5 - Andri Magnason

Discovery's Change Drivers: Episode 5 is about Icelandic author Andri Magnason.

His mission is to spread awareness about the urgency of protecting glaciers and is inspired by his grandparents' testimony to acknowledge that we know what is happening and understand what needs to be done. His books and plays have been published and performed in more than 40 languages.

Magnason works with many art forms and genres, sometimes surprising his audience as he switches from poetry to children's literature, and science fiction to nonfiction.

His children's books, The Story of the Blue Planet and The Casket of Time, both winners of the Green Earth Book Award, have been used in hundreds of schools worldwide to teach environmental philosophy through play and storytelling.

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Watch the episode here.