New Release - Change Drivers EP 2: Sagarika Sriram

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April 23, 2022
New Release - Change Drivers EP 2: Sagarika Sriram

Out now: Discovery's Change Drivers: Episode 3 - Paul Hilton

Discovery's Change Drivers: Episode 3 is about Sagarika Sriram, a 16 year old Eco Activist who has become a powerful environmentalist voice in the Middle East.

She was only 11 years old when she created her ‘Kids for a Better World’ website, a digital platform that has since than brought together a young community of nearly 100,000 likeminded peers from around the world who want to learn how they, too, can fight climate change.

In between giving environmental talks to companies, managing her website and school activities, Sagarika continues to host educational workshops and organize beach and desert cleanups in her community.

Her main goal is to make climate education more prominent and accessible for young children in the hope of a better tomorrow.

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Watch the episode here.