New Release - Change Drivers EP 1: Emily Penn

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December 22, 2021
New Release - Change Drivers EP 1: Emily Penn

Out now: Discovery's Change Drivers: Episode 1 - Emily Penn

Discovery's Change Drivers: Episode 1 is about Emily Penn, a skipper and ocean advocate who shares her story on her ground-breaking research and fight against ocean plastic pollution.

A quote from Emily below:

“As a skipper, my passion for the ocean developed over time into a concern. Although it’s a great experience to travel and have beautiful views on the water, I realised that there’s much more to it or, to be specific, in it. I was 8 months pregnant when filming this episode and my blood contained 29 chemicals banned by the UN."

"How is this affecting me? How is this affecting my child? How is this affecting all of us and what can we do to stop it? These were just a few questions that drove me to be more involved, more determined to make a change for all the children that will come to this world and deserve living in a better and healthier world.”

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Watch the episode here.