Mobile Game - Reforestation Campaign - 2020
Directed by Sil van der Woerd

An exciting mobile game in which you'll restore the rainforest and bring back the animals.

Meanwhile, the game gives back by supporting real world reforesting projects!

Now live in the Netherlands and Philippines!
Global launch expected early 2021
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Latest features


  • A new island! Discover an indigenous tribe, a lost temple and unlock all their secrets!

  • Decorations! Bring your world alive and give Orang and Coco a nice home to live!

  • Collect animals and unlock them through your encyclopedia!

  • Accomplish achievements and earn Suns!

  • Loads of small improvements!

Cinematic Trailer




The jungle is under attack!

Replant the rainforest, bring back the animals and chase away intruders in this fun strategy game.

In this exciting strategy game you will help a orangutan and a boy to replant the rainforest.

​As the rainforest expands, more and more animals return to the forest. Some with a unique power.

Such as Stripes, a tiger who can chase away illegal loggers.

Or Splash, an elephant who can soak up water and kill wildfires.


Around the planted trees, an ecosystem of wildlife and vegetation comes to life that produces beautiful visuals and relaxing jungle sounds.

Meanwhile, you'll help the boy to restore his grandmother's restaurant, and sell meals made from rainforest fruits.

It's just the beginning of a sustainable economy that makes the rainforest return even faster!

Gameplay Trailer

Birthplace Plants Real Trees!


Birthplace supports real world reforestation projects with a portion of the game's revenue.

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Images provided by Orangutan Information Center, Eden Projects & Tree-Nation

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Written & Directed by: Sil van der Woerd | Produced by: Birthplace B.V.: Sil van der Woerd, Eduard Zanen, Little Chicken Game Company, Lonneke Gordijn, Ralph Nauta | Developed by: Studio Birthplace & Little Chicken Game Company

Product Owner: Bas Roding | Developers: Bas Roding, Joris van Leeuwen, Erik Kors, Michiel Frankfort, Ruben Hooijer | Art Director: Rutger Stegenga | 2D Artists: Isabella Koelman, Brenda van Vugt, Yannis Bolman | 3D Artist: Rutger Stegenga, Tobias van der Meer, Mia Boas, Seif Toktogoelov, Douwe Heijmerink | Animation: Joris van Laar, Tim Smit | Playtests & QA: Rick Heeren | Sound Design: Nick van Kleef, Ruben Bergshoef | Researchers: Bayu Topan, Ferry Hawari

Trailer Storyboard & Animatic: Aimée de Jongh | Trailer VFX Sup: Tim Smit | Trailer VFX Artists: Tim smit, Sohaib Bouaiss | Character Model: Metin Seven | Trailer Colorist: Keidrych Wasley


Thanks To: Jorik Dozy, Sean Lin, Ernest Zacharevic, Charlotte Pyatt, Family & Friends



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