At Studio Birthplace, we work hard to minimize the impact of our productions to the environment and strive to make them as green as possible. We do that through:

Carbon Neutrality

We track and calculate the carbon emissions from our productions and work to keep them as low as possible. From car rides to flights down to the emissions from our servers rendering VFX shots, we offset our emissions by planting trees through Tree Nation.

Visit our Tree Nation profile.

Sustainable Materials

& Vendors

Re-fillable cups and bottles, digital scripts and call sheets, vegetarian catering and reusable plates and cutlery. Wherever we can, we try to provide green alternatives to the usual polluting materials found on set. Furthermore, we source green vendors who share the same values as us whenever possible. 

Recycle & Donate 

We recycle our waste and provide bins on set to separate items such as paper, glass and food. Any leftover food, props and wardrobe items that would normally end up in the bin are either recycled or donated, aiming to leave the smallest impact or even benefit local communities where we film.


1. Awareness to Social Inequity

We work all over the world and have the honor to experience many different cultures, religions and ways of life. We do not discriminate or take advantage of local communities. Instead, besides trying to make the best possible project, we look for ways and opportunities to improve the lives of those we touch.

2. Independence & Integrity

Studio Birthplace is independent. We stand firm with those who engage in meaningful action and avoid those who greenwash. We work with integrity, responsibility and rely on local knowledge to guide us in environments we are unfamiliar with.

3. Collaboration & Respect

We believe in meaningful relationships both with our tightly-knit, global team and with our clients. We combat discrimination and encourage equality and diversity amongst our team and crews on our productions.