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At Studio Birthplace we love a good challenge. We are with you all the way.



Tell us your objectives and ideas and we will take them to the next level. We also love to write original content and constantly develop high concept ideas that are ready for production, all focused to cut through the noise while maintaining the social and environmental message at the core of each project.


We are a full-service production company. From talent to production design to direction to final master. We have filmed inside an active, sulphur emitting volcano, underwater in the ocean with a 13-meter prop whale made of plastic waste, and in Southern Siberia at temperatures down to -35 degrees Celsius. We love big ideas and we know how to break them down to guarantee a good end result anywhere in the world.


We help you find the best way to engage your audience through various marketing channels and formats, such as video, photography, websites and more. We produce and manage every step of your project, from concept to creation, from kick-off to launch, providing a smooth, creative process.


Our post-production team creates an array of video formats tailored to live across every platform. We handle online editing, color correction, music, sound design, graphics, and last but not least industry-level visual effects that can add a truly unique flavour to your project.

In every field, we push for the greenest approach with the lowest environmental footprint.

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