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Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel Win A Bronze Creative Circle Award

Our campaign "Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel" for The Woolmark Company has won Bronze for the Best Colour Grading Award at Creative Circle Awards 2023. We're ecstastic to hear that the talents of colour grader Alex Gregory from No. 8 London has been recognized.

The Creative Circle Awards is the first marketing awards in Britain, founded in 1945, registered and owned by the UK creative community. They celebrate the best creative work in marketing communications with an ever-evolving collective of over 600 judges from creative departments across the country. In 2022, Wasteminster won 2 gold awards, particularly for Best 3D Animation and Best Animation For Positive Change.

"Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel" aims to educate people about the hidden impact of synthetic fabrics on the environment based on the insight that every 25 minutes, an Olympic pool’s worth of crude oil is used to produce synthetic clothing.

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