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Terraform wins Best Music Video at Short Shorts Film Festival in Yokohama

Music video Terraform won Best Music Video at Short Shorts Film Festival and Asia in Yokohama, Japan.

SHORTSHORTS is a comprehensive brand of short films (short films). Various screening events, work distribution, work production, companies and administration centered on "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia" (SSFF & ASIA), one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia, officially recognized by the US Academy Awards since 1999.

Terraform tells the true story of the hardships and sacrifices the sulphur miners of Kawah Ijen in Indonesia make in order to provide for their family.

Together with about 100 more miners, Bas (the real miner featured in the video) extracts sulphur from the highly toxic crater of mount Ijen in Indonesia. Two times a day they carry loads weighing up to 95KG each up to the rim of the volcano and down the mountain, all without the use of any modern tools or equipment. All for less than 10 dollars a day.

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