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Shocking animated satire shows that we are covered in plastic

A short animation entitled Humanity's Impact has been released, highlighting the extent of the global plastic pollution crisis . The film shows the number of plastic bottles produced worldwide in real time, which is 20,000 bottles per second. Published with the augmented reality application, the project aims to raise awareness and encourage action for a more sustainable future.

Film production company Studio Birthplace made the film as a pilot for Wasteminster. In satirical animation, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is inundated with the UK’s daily exports of plastic waste. In Humanity’s Impact, however, plastic floods a 1960s U.S. suburban test plant. The site is occupied by plastic test dummies. Every second, 20,000 bottles are rushed to the actors, they also enter the family house through the kitchen window and the family dog ​​is buried under him.

The film uses satire to draw attention to the “ugly side of our consumer culture”. The advertising industry is alluded to by the overly cheerful facial expressions of the characters, which evoke the advertisements of the 1960s. According to the film’s directors, Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy , comedy can be a powerful tool to help tell even the saddest stories in our world.

Source: Greendex

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