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Requiem 2019 premieres at Aarhus Festuge

Requiem 2019 premiered at Aarhus Festuge in Aarhus, Denmark. The film was directed by Rutger Hauer and Sil van der Woerd who felt an urge to bring attention to the ongoing issue of whaling and support anti whaling organisation Sea Shepherd. The premiere was accompanied with a live performance of Jane Blue, who recorded the soundtrack for the film.

Requiem 2019 sees the last remaining blue whale coming eye to eye with its only enemy; mankind.

Rutger Hauer has been closely involved with Sea Shepherd for many years as an Honorary Board Member.

“This is why I look upon Requiem 2019 as a gift to Sea Shepherd.”

Hauer has been fascinated by whales ever since he was a boy.

“The slaughter of whales as a source of food is so out-dated. Just because that is what they have always done? Tradition? Come on, now! People are the worst type of animal. One day, during a trip in a canoe, I literally looked straight into the eye of a whale. It is something that every man on earth should have experienced … We must not be allowed to destroy them. The consequences would be enormous. This is how we got around to the theme for Requiem 2019. Sil and I simply had to make something to stop people hunting down these wonderful creatures. I can’t go along with Sea Shepherd during their campaign. It’s better for me to do what I do best, and here it is!”

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