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New Release - Greenpeace's TotalPollution: A Dirty Game

TotalPollution: A Dirty Game unmasks how fossil fuel giants like TotalEnergies sponsor major sporting events to greenwash their dirty business while continuing to add to the climate crisis - and urges audiences to stand against the exploitation of sports and the ecological harm caused by corporate interests and advocate for a sustainable, livable future for all.

TotalPollution sheds light on the pressing issue of fossil fuel sponsorship in major sporting events.

Greenpeace approached Studio Birthplace to create a campaign film that would make a ‘splash’ and expose the rugby world (and beyond) to the fact that the fossil fuel industry uses major sporting events to greenwash their image - also known as sportswashing.

Through associating themselves with these popular sports they pull the focus away from the undeniable major ecological harm they cause on communities and ecosystems worldwide. This film exposes this dirty reality.

Watch the film:

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