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Humanity's Impact featured on SDG Action Zone: MY World 360º 2020 Collection

MY World 360° 2020 Collection

Humanity’s Impact was selected to be part of My World 360’s 2020 Collection, an annual campaign created by the UN’s SDG Action Campaign, Digital Promise and Oculus.

MY World 360° is a growing community of immersive creators from around the world using immersive media to share their perspectives on how the Sustainable Development Goals are relevant in their communities to inspire people everywhere to take part in the bold and transformative action needed to solve the issues we face.

Since its launch in 2018, MY World 360º annual selections have screened and inspired people across the world at the UN General Assembly, UN SDG Global Festival of Action, film festivals, schools and community events and cultural institutions.

Humanity’s Impact is a mini-series that uses data simulation and dark humour to call attention to the ugly side of consumer culture. By letting people imagine the unimaginable, the film raises awareness about the damage that consumer culture is causing our planet.

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Source: SDG Action Zone

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