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Art + Technology Interview

Creative Director Sil van der Woerd was interviewed together with Ralph Nauta (Drift) for Art+Technology's episode The Power Of Art To Demystify Climate Change.

Together, Sil & Ralph inject Climate Activism into art via spectacular installations and stunts, making the scientifically complex challenges of the planet more digestible to a wider audience.

Watch the episode below or here.

Art+Technology captures emerging dialogues with a diverse lineup of artists, technologists and futurists to share ideas and embark upon conversations that will redefine our world.

"Writer, director and filmmaker, as well as co-founder of the eco-focused Studio Birthplace, Sil van der Woerd is a man on a mission to spread the word about impending climate catastrophe via stunning, unforgettable visuals and thought- provoking stunts and installations. * van der Woerd has exhibited his work all over the world, from Helsinki to Jerusalem. Recently his work Drifters with Ralph Nauta was screened in New York's Times Square. * As well as creating his own work, he has taught students in visual effects, art and design and technology, in both the US and his native Netherlands. * van der Woerd's work around ecology, deforestation, global warming and plastic is hugely respected, with its unique ability to tell heartfelt stories about important issues, winning awards and honors from multiple prestigious organizations around the globe."

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