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A GOLD Promax Europe Award for Change Drivers: Episode 1 - Emily Penn

We are delighted to announce that our series Change Drivers has won its first award! Specifically, Episode 1 - Emily Penn won Gold under the Long-Form Promotional Content category at the 2022 Promax Europe Awards.

Promax is the global association for the entertainment marketing industry, representing thousands of people who create, market, and distribute content in media. And as such, The Promax Europe Awards are the industry’s top prize for outstanding achievement in entertainment marketing and design, where marketers and creatives from Europe’s leading media brands gather to honour the campaigns from the year that delivered audiences, created unforgettable moments, and helped convert viewers into passionate fans. It is an honor for us have been awarded.

Change Drivers is a mini-series created for Discovery telling the story of five people working on the front lines of solving critical problems our world faces today. From plastic pollution to climate change, the series aims to tell the stories of those who are putting everything on the line to find solutions to some of our society's most dire problems.

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