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Humanity’s Impact visualizes the incredible data related to the impact of us humans on our planet, putting a picture to the numbers.

Episode I 
how many plastic bottles do we produce?

In this episode, a suburban nuclear test town is hit with 20.000 plastic bottles a second - visualizing how many plastic bottles are produced globally in real time.

what can you do?

Get Involved!

Tell Coca-Cola we do not want plastic bottles that pollute our planet:

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Episode 2
wasteminster - a downing street disaster

This episode produced for Greenpeace depicts what would happen if the plastic waste that the UK exports to other countries each day was instead dumped on Downing Street and Prime Minister Boris Johnson  - voiced by two of Britain’s best impressionists, Matt Forde and Jon Culshaw.

what can you do?

Help Greenpeace in pressuring the UK Government to stop these illegal exports.

Get involved and sign the petition:

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Augmented Reality App

In addition to the animated series, audiences can drop & experience the data featured in the plastic bottles episode in their own personal environment through the Humanity’s Impact app, and learn more.

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