At Studio Birthplace, we believe that change starts with awareness.

A million animal species at risk of extinction. An ocean littered with plastic. An irreversible climate emergency. People being exploited all over the world...

The challenges of our time are complex and don't come with simple solutions. Furthermore, reports in the media are often depressing, causing many people to tune out and look away.

Our mission is to bridge this gap between information and emotion, and to find creative new ways to deliver these urgent topics to audiences through (the he)art.

Our goal is to tell stories that can help steer the conversation in the right direction and encourage action towards a better planet for our future generations. We do this through daring and sincere creative content and campaigns.

We invite NGOs, charities, activists, ecologists, filmmakers, artists, musicians, designers, game developers, writers, marketeers, journalists, brands and organisations to collaborate with us and celebrate the natural world.



We pride ourselves to work with companies and organisations who fight everyday for a better world.



Studio Birthplace
Studio Birthplace is Jorik, Sil & Sean. Throughout our filmmaking careers, we discovered our niche and identity as conscious content creators. We now see an opportunity to boldly profile ourselves as THE go-to company for partnerships to create original and high quality conscious content that links to real-world initiatives and inspire real world action.
Our studio name Birthplace has several meanings. We first started thinking about creating a company during production on Novo Amor's underwater music video titled, Birthplace. It is one of our most successful projects to date, and was featured on platforms such as The Guardian, WWF and Greenpeace. Besides that, our studio is the Birthplace of new ideas and our company philosophy is that we all have to look out and care for our Earth - OUR Birthplace.


Creative Director
Sil won many awards in his career as a freelance director, making videos for the likes of Noisia and Skrillex. But that's no fuzz, because what use are awards when our planet is on fire!


Creative Director
Jorik made digital worlds for many films you have probably seen; Star Wars, Avengers, etc. But working for the Hollywood machine wasn't enough and he found a new mission telling important stories.


Executive Producer
Sean is a can-do-it-all kind of guy who found his true calling making films that would make any normal person go: you want to do what?! Nothing is too crazy for Sean. 

Awards & Recognition

Studio Birthplace has garnered over 50 international awards, including Best Music Video at the prestigious CamerImage film festival and multiple Vimeo Staff Picks. Our work has screened at over 100 film festivals around the world.
Click here for a full list of awards.
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